Addressing Zinc Deficiency in Soils


Zinc deficiency is the most common micronutrient deficiency, affecting more than 50% of the world’s agricultural soils.


Zinc fertilizer increases crop yield and improves water uptake, resulting in healthier, stronger crops.

Credit: Brian J. Alloway 

Zinc is essential for normal growth and reproduction.

A study for the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) by Sillanpää found that zinc was the most commonly deficient micronutrient in the world. This high prevalence of zinc-deficient soils in major agricultural zones severely limits agricultural productivity by:

  • Leaving plants more prone to drought, heat stress, and pathogenic infections
  • Creating a higher susceptibility to chlorosis and necrosis on the leaves
  • Stunting crop growth

Applying zinc fertilizers to soil and on plant leaves offers a simple and highly effective solution to zinc deficiency problems and significantly increases food and nutrition security.

Addressing Food Security


By 2050 the world’s population will reach 9.1 billion. In order to feed this larger population, food production must increase by 70%* 


Zinc fertilizer increases the yield and quality of crops, improving food security and increased income for farmers.

Addressing Zinc Deficiency in Humans


2 Billion

people worldwide are zinc deficient.


people die each year from diseases of zinc deficiency.


of those deaths are from children under the age of five. *Black et. al, 2008


According to the Copenhagen Consensus, zinc and Vitamin A were identified as the most cost-effective solution to malnutrition. Zinc fertilizer increases the nutritional value of crops, resulting in increased zinc nutrition in the diet.

Zinc is an essential micronutrient that is crucial for growth, brain development, and fighting dangerous infections, especially in children. Zinc-rich foods include meat, poultry, seafood and nuts. However, many people in developing countries have plant-based diets that do not provide enough zinc for healthy development. Adding zinc fertilizers to crops increases zinc in the diet.

Zinc is a life-saving commodity.

Ban Ki-moon

Former UN Secretary General